Contact us

Lotta Åman, Municipal commissioner: 0960-155 02

Kerstin Olla Head of Municipality: 0960-155 04

Ann-Kristine Vinka, Head of Business and Industry development:
0960-158 11 

Peter Manner, Tourism manager: 0960-175 04   

Phone exchange/reception: 0960-155 00

Fax: 0960-129 40


Postal address: Arvidsjaur kommun, 933 81 Arvidsjaur

Visiting address: Storgatan 13


Tips and suggestions about the website?

Contact the web administration


Alarm and reports of error:

  • Riskline     020-83 00 00
  • Ambulance (non emergency) also ambulance plane and helicopter 0920-22 02 75
  • Fire department (non emergency) fire fighting and other rescue activities. 0920-22 80 55
  • Streets, roads and VA-pipes, office hours 0960-155 00
    other time 070-64 040 81


Contact the departments 

Support function
E-mail to the Support function

Childcare and youth department
E-mail to childcare and youth department

E-mail the high school

Culture and leisure department
E-mail the Culture and leisure department

Environment, building and rescue department
E-mail the Environment, building and rescue department

Social department
E-mail to Social department

Technical department
E-mail to Technical department

If you are unsure which department to contact, please send your e-mail to the general mailbox, and we will forward it to the right recipient.

Contact the staff

If you want to send an e-mail to a member of the municipal staff, you write the e-mail address like this  No Swedish å, ä or ö are used.  You can also call the municipal phone exchange and ask for a member of the staff: 0960-155 00.

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